28.02.2009 Peter Popp

Oliver Thill visits DETAIL

The special prize for acoustics was awarded to the office Atelier KempeThill for their project »Concert Hall in Raiding«. Oliver Thillexplains the design concept as well as the acrylic glazing and thefacade system.

Language: German with English subtitles; Runtime: 9 min.

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Almost 200 years ago, the musician Franz Liszt was born in the small community of Raiding in Burgenland. The hall, which was designed specifically for Liszt’s music, can accommodate 600 concertgoers. The minimalist building is hidden behind the walls and trees of a small park. Its radiant white skin is a modest reference to the local rendered facades. Five-centimetre-thick sheets of acrylic glazing transform the foyer into what resembles an outsize aquarium. The curvature of the wooden cassette lining to the auditorium is scarcely noticeable. This extremely modern interpretation of the ornamentation found in Baroque halls for chamber music ensures a »resonance volume« with optimum acoustics and thus perfect conditions for the music of Franz Liszt.

Architects: Atelier Kempe Thill, Rotterdam

Directed by: Peter Popp
Interview by: Sabine Drey

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