Optimised Component Interaction

Allplan has fundamentally revised the interaction of components in its new 2022 version. As a result, the overlaying of layers or object classes within a drawing file is consistently and automatically controlled via priorities. When, for example, a concrete joist and drywall cross, the joist prevails, and manual reworking is dispensed with. The model quality then increases, and less work is required to create construction documentation and detail plans. Collisions can be avoided to a greater degree, and quantities can be determined even more reliably. The improved graphics engine supports users in terms of performance and visualisations, as do new effects such as volumetric fog, fluorescence and lens flare. With AI support, the grainy rendering of real-time renders is eliminated. Optimised visual scripting accelerates the creation of custom scripts, while parameters can be specifically placed on multiple tabs using the new palette designer. Tooltips have also been improved, and sliders are supported.

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