26.10.2021 Cosima Kammel

Our Favourites: Three Overnight Accommodations in the Wilderness

Fotos: Jakob Schoof, Carl Axel Bejre, Mariana de Delás

We present three accommodations in the middle of the Scandinavian wilderness that have convinced our editorial team in every respect: unique vacation homes on a former military training area in Sweden, a lonely cottage on a Swedish island and a well-camouflaged shelter in Norway.

Master Plan for a Piece of Wilderness: Bungenäs Holiday Resort on Gotland

On what was formerly a military training area on the Swedish island of Gotland, a remarkable experiment is taking place in the realm of circumspect tourist architecture. Based on a master plan by the young practice Skälsö Arkitekter, some unique holiday homes are being created there, using converted bunkers in part.

Architecture: Skälsö Arkitekter
Location: Bungenäs, Gotland (SE)

Camouflaged in Green: The Granholmen Summer Cottage in Sweden

Situated directly by the water, the Granholmen Summer Cottage on the small island of Kallaxön in northern Sweden represents the ideal retreat where a Swedish family can spend the long summer days amid nature.
Surrounded by the vivid green of the coniferous and deciduous trees, this unconventional little summer cottage nestles into the landscape.

Client: Private
Architecture: Josefine Wikholm, Andreas Lyckefors
Location: Kallaxön. Luleå (SWE)

Photo: Jakob Schoof

Photo: Jakob Schoof

Photo: Carl Axel Bejre

Photo: Carl Axel Bejre

Architecture as Camouflage: Hideaway Shelter in Telemark

The owners of a farm in the Norwegian region of Telemark wanted complete seclusion at their nearby lakeside property. In response, Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter and Mariana de Delás designed them a minimalistic hideaway shelter camouflaged by birch branches and solely accessible over the water.

Client: Private
Architecture: Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter & Mariana de Delás
Team: Astrid Wang, Olav Lunde Arneberg, Ole Larsen, Mariana de Delás
Location: Telemark (NO)

Photo: Mariana de Delás

Photo: Mariana de Delás

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