09.11.2021 Valentina Grossmann

Our Favourites: Three Revitalized Buildings

Fotos: CreatAR Images(Luo Juncai), Beppe Giardino, Grigoriy Sokolinsky

We show you three exciting solutions around the topic of conversion. These three buildings are coming back to life inside: An old commercial building in Beijing, a residential building in Cuneo and a historical Sevkabel factory in St. Petersburg.

A Deceptive Shell: Old Commercial Building with a New Heart in Beijing

Hidden behind the traditional façade of a commercial building, there is now a guesthouse featuring a restaurant and public space. The floor plan is divided into six layers, each of which runs parallel to the street and is separated from the others by likewise linear courtyards. The clear structure is countered by transparent, translucent and reflective materials in the interior space.

Architecture: Archstudio
Location: Zhengyangmen, Peking (CN)

Photo: CreatAR Images(Luo Juncai)

Photo: CreatAR Images(Luo Juncai)

A New Start Despite Preservation Orders: House Alteration in Cuneo

The exterior of the residential building from 1921 in Cuneo, north Italy, was a listed building. In the interior, the architects created a residential loft, making it decidedly contemporary in character thanks to considered use of colour.

Client: Privat
Architecture: Balance Architettura
Structural engineering: Eretika
Location: Via Luzzatti 24, Cuneo (IT)

Photo: Beppe Giardino

Photo: Beppe Giardino

Resurrection of an Industrial Harbour: Sevkabel Port in St. Petersburg

The historical Sevkabel factory occupies more than three hectares of land and enjoys direct access to the water. New buildings have enlarged the ensemble over the years. Now that ropes and cables are no longer manufactured here, the Sevkabel Port has become a pioneering project demonstrating possible developments for the coastal areas of St. Petersburg.

Architecture: AB Chvoya
Location: Kozhevennaya Liniya 40, Sankt-Petersburg (RU)


Photo: Grigoriy Sokolinsky

Photo: Grigoriy Sokolinsky

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