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Pavilion in New Orleans

Architects: Gernot Riether, School of Architecture/Georgia Institute of Technology, USA–Atlanta/Georgia

1:100 Floor plan
1:100 Section
Some 320 plastic elements – variations on the same basic theme – were used to form both the skin and the structure. Their parametrically developed geometry is a response to certain situations within the overall object. Elements can be formulated as spatial extrusions that brace the pavilion, as foundations filled with sand, as vessels to collect rainwater or as planting boxes. Others support solar modules or light fittings, Plug-in elements like seating units and shelving are also conceivable. Together they form a self-supporting geodesic dome with a total weight of only 120 kg.
The individual elements can be economically produced with a kit of moulding tools that allow flexible combinations. Plastic sheets are cut into various triangular panels. These are secured at the edges with aluminium strips, placed over the respective form and thermally shaped. They are then bolted together to create six larger units that can be transported by a compact truck to the site, where they are assembled.
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