Pedestrian Bridge in Rome

Temporary bridge structures have been proposed for seven central locations in Rome in response to the many pilgrims expected in the Holy Year, 2000. Originally, a single prototype was to have been constructed, but it has since been decided to develop a number of different schemes. The design shown here is a unit construction system, consisting of four three-metre-wide lightweight, but rigid, basic elements in timber and steel. The elements are of different lengths and curvature. The flat timber deck is supported by slender cylindrical steel members, the raking form of which serves to brace the structure in the lateral direction. In the longitudinal direction, the bridge is braced via its feet. All units, apart from the foundations, are prefabricated. The bridge shown here consists of two parallel strips, curving upwards in opposite directions and continuing horizontally from the highest point. The platforms, which are also served by lifts, provide an unusual vantage point from which to view the historic surroundings. At night, the bridges are floodlit from below. Spotlights recessed in the deck are trained on the stainless-steel mesh balustrades to provide indirect lighting.
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