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Places of Learning and Living – Requirements for Modern Full-Time Schools

Lage des Pilotprojekts zwischen Fluss, Wohn-, Industrie- und Mischgebiet (im Uhrzeigersinn sowie angrenzender vierspuriger Straße)

Author: Otto Seydel
What kind of spaces does a school need where all pupils are meant to be present every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and sometimes longer? It is not adequate simply to provide a refectory and a sports hall, as support programmes drawn up in recent years would often seem to suggest.

A good full-time institution will not be conceived simply as a working place, but as a living realm that pupils and teachers alike regard as an attractive environment. It should not be just a collection of spaces, but an organic whole.

Only with an integrative concept – including the process of rhythmicizing, collaboration between members of the teaching profession, and the creation of close links between locations for learning and living – can the additional pedagogic value of the full-time concept be guaranteed.
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