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Prefabricated Construction with Wood

Author: Arthur Schankula
1:20 Sections
Wood is particularly suited to prefabricated construction. It is light in weight, has excellent load-bearing properties and is easy to work. Centuries ago, the walls and floors of halftimbered buildings as well as roof trusses were prepared on the ground for erection. ­Today, wall, floor and facade elements are commonly prefabricated in their entirety; indeed, complete spatial units are available.
Of great significance in this respect are the cladding and coverings of the constructional elements. Since the 1950s, plywood, chipboard and composite wood boards have been used for this purpose, as well as plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard, which, used in conjunction with mineral wool and wood-fibre mats, are ideal for fire protection, sound and thermal insulation. The greater the complexity of compound units, the more important it is to manufacture them under workshop conditions and with the appropriate machinery. Transport to the site should not cause any problem if the usual constraints of freight and assembly are observed.
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