Production and Administration Building in Freiburg

In most factories production and administration are separate, but here offices and R&D space were simply placed on top of the production hall. For reasons of speed, precast concrete was chosen for both primary frame and facade. Exposed columns, beams and floor slabs, with their sharp corners and geometric forms, articulate the space in the production hall. Inside and out, the concrete surfaces were finished in a range of styles. The precast panels on the facade were made from self-compacting concrete pigmented dark grey. At the base of the building, a textured surface was achieved by casting the elements in a mould with an embossed steel plate. In-situ concrete walls were used where structural advantages were to be gained, e.g. for stairwells. Here additional formwork panels were inserted in offset rows into the formwork system to achieve a more prominent jointing pattern, and tie holes were drilled through the formwork panels to ensure uniform spacing.
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