07.05.2012 Jakob Schoof

Progress through restraint

Architects: Stefan Forster Architekten Up until today, Halle-Neustadt has retained its built structure from Soviet times. Despite their vast scale, the large L-shaped blocks create a maze-like layout. Recent refurbishment work has been limited mainly to the insulation of facades and roofs, replacing heating systems and improving floor plan layouts. The actual volume of buildings were mostly left unaltered. The five-storey block Oleanderweg 21-45 is an exception and has extended the normal standard of refurbishment. Built in 1971, the housing block used to accommodate 125 apartments in 13 individually accessed houses. Merely Oleanderweg 21 was entered via a structural link from the adjoining building,
Oleanderweg 19. GWG Halle-Neustadt has long been interested in remodelling one of its blocks in a manner that would far exceed the standard norm.
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