Public Art in London as a Tribute to Lost Journalists

Public Art, London, Light

A new permanent sculpture by MacCormic Jamieson Prichard Architects, artist Jaume Plensa, and structural engineers whitbybird adorns the BBC Broadcasting House in London. It is in remembrance of journalists killed in the cross-fire and was lit for the first time on June 16, 2008.

The sculpture is inscribed with a poem by the artist (please see below), and both are entitled “Breathing“.

The concept of the sculpture started as an inverted tripod buried within the building. It eventually evolved as a cone to evoke what the architects call a “giant listening glass“ (the location is home of the BBC's Audio & Music Division) protruding from the building.

The sculpture descends 3.2 meters from the ceiling of the building‘s interior and stands another 10.8 meters above it. The cone emits a beam of light shooting 1 km into the sky for 30 minutes every evening to coincide with the 10‘o‘clock news.

life turns and turns on the crystal glass / breathing in our body / silence is a voice, our voice /
silence is a body, our body
life turns and turns on the crystal glass / breathing in our body
I invite you to breathe / I invite you to listen to the silence

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