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Tel.: + 49 4192 87930
E-Mail: ziegel@randerstegllaumans.de

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The foundation stone for the Randers Tegl group was laid in 1911, when Carl Piper bought his first brick factory. Ever since the business has continued to grow through the acquisition of brick factories and the extension thorough Scandinavia and Germany. Nowadays, the Randers Tegl group is still a family business, presided over by the Piper younger generation. Their activities make the Randers Tegl group one of the leading brick producers in Northern Europe, with the greatest capacity and the widest range. Randers' modern products are the result of generations of experience in brick production. Being the largest brick supplier in Northern Europe, the Randers Tegl Group deliver products worldwide.

Most recently, the partnership with the Lower Rhine roof tile manufacturer Laumans from Brüggen was further expanded, so that in addition to bricks, the extensive range now also includes a wide variety of ceramic roof tile products.


Team Customer Service

Tel.: +49 4192 87930
E-Mail: ziegel@randerstegllaumans.de


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