Reinberg. Ecological Architecture

With this book, Georg W. Reinberg, a pioneer in solar architecture in Austria for the last 30 years, presents a monograph of the works of his studio, but in doing so also a kind of historical narrative of ecological building over that period.
Reinberg seeks to close the gap between theory and practice that he detects in many other publications on this theme. He describes over 40 projects himself and intersperses these descriptions with a dozen or so of his essays and lecture texts. All of these are ordered chronologically so that the reader can gain an insight into both the thought and the architecture of one of the most important representatives of his guild. The project documentation sections are detailed and benefit from Reinberg´s retrospective personal assessment and evaluation. Just how construction methods and design themes have changed over the years emerges very clearly from the book. But through it all, one constant has remained: the way Reinberg integrates the utilisation of solar energy into the design, right from the very first moment.
Georg W. Reinberg (ed.), Ecological Architecture. Springer Verlag, Vienna 2008, 348 p., ISBN 978-3-211-32770-8, € 49.94
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