Renovation of the Deutsche Bank skyscrapers in Frankfurt

Opened in 1984, Deutsche Bank’s twin towers have long become the symbol of Frankfurt’s banking sector. After more than 20 years of use, changes to fire prevention regulations mean the 155-metre-high towers require a renovation. However, instead of just taking care of the changes necessary for the new laws, it was decided after an extensive analysis to carry out a complete renovation. As well as redesigning the interiors, the building equipment will also be updated, with the aim of considerably improving the energy efficiency.
MBA Mario Bellini Architects, Milan (planning)
gmp von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg (construction)
These plans will considerably alter the climate concept: instead of heating and cooling the building via an air-formed, energy-intensive air conditioning unit, water-formed systems will be introduced, which use the existing reinforced concrete structure as a storage medium. Huge energy savings can be achieved by introducing new technology such as internal water recycling, or a central light management system: 67% of the heat energy, 55% of the electricity and 74% of the water. In addition, most of the material being removed has been recycled. These changes have meant that Deutsche Bank received the best possible certification for the buildings – platinum from LEED and gold from DNGB (German Sustainable Building Council).
The changes to the interior are already visible at the base of the building: by opening up the ceilings and glazing the roof, the foyer – which is now open to the public – now seems larger and more transparent. The full height of the towers can now be experienced and a sphere-shaped sculpture lends the space a distinctive character.
The office floors have also been renovated. More open space and fewer individual offices, combined with smaller technical centres, have created room for more workstations - up to 3,000, instead of 1,750. In addition, the height of the rooms has also been increased from 2.65 metres to 3 metres due to the more compact building service engineering.
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