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Residential Development in Berlin

Architect: zanderroth architekten, D–Berlin
Structural engineering: Andreas Leipold, D–Berlin  
1:4000 Site plan
1:800 Floor plans
1:800 Sections
1:20 Vertical sections

Individual apartments are differentiated according to three types based on their placement within the building. 23 “townhouses” are directly accessed from the street while offering spaces for commercial use along the entrance level. Split level apartments comprise four stories and a small private rooftop garden. Their street facade has an urban and stern character and consists of prefabricated concrete elements, large glazed surfaces, and openable elements made of larch wood. The two facades along the interior courtyard have a modest and heterogeneous appearance. The courtyard is elevated one story above the street level to improve sunlight intake and to relieve its narrow impression. It also covers below ground parking and provides access to the courtyard building’s entrances. Its lower three stories feature ten “garden apartments” that are also split level types with exceptionally tall rooms in order to compensate for the modest daylight ­intake.
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