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Room in Room

Foto: Rigips

On the site of the former East German railway repair works in Berlin, the oldest hall has reopened as the “House of Music”. The ground floor has a room height of around 6 m. Zoom­architekten created 39 so-called ‘noisy rooms’ for film, music and sound productions with best-­possible sound ­insulation: The executing company Kaefer Con­struction elastically placed all the rooms on mastic asphalt floor slabs and over 10,000 steel springs. For airborne sound insulation, they modified room-in-room constructions consisting of eight, sometimes nine layers. In addition to various layers of insulation and wood wool lightweight panels, large-format Rigidur H gypsum ­fibreboards and steel sheet inserts form the core elements of the walls and ceilings. This simplified the installation of all other superstructures such as the wood wool building board cover layers with a wooden substructure, absorber box and various wall superstructures.

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