Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure

Intended as an integral part that completes a quadrant of civic buildings in Santa Monica, the new Civic Center Parking Structure will provide 900 parking spaces on six levels above grade and two below grade while visually uniting the tableau of perse buildings.

The design team from Moore Ruble Yudell Architects was additionally challenged to create a building that exemplified the city`s commitment to sustainable design while strengthening the urban fabric and providing public amenities. One of the challenges for this project is to create architecture out of a common building type – one that is not generally associated with high design standards. The design addresses this standard service amenity by viewing it from a fresh perspective and taking it to a higher level where it can have a positive influence in its surroundings. Primatily, the building provides 900 parking spaces. In addition, the structure offers a visually memorable arrival point and gateway to the new Civic Center, steet-level retail and café amenities, views of the Pacific Ocean and the city, a garden, and a sense of personal safety.
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