schmidt hammer lassen wins competition for Meetingpoint Malmö

schmidt hammer lassen, Meetingpoint Malmö, Malmö, Sweden

The Danish architects schmidt hammer lassen have won the architectural competition for the “Meetingpoint Malmö”, a new building that will be situated in the harbour district of the city of Malmö in the south of Sweden. The 21.500 square metre building is planned to open in 2011

Meetingpoint Malmö is envisioned to be a characteristic, yet simple Scandinavian building that combines exhibition and concert hall, housing, restaurant, industry, hotel, shopping, and cafes – all in the same building. It will be a modern, progressive piece of architecture that actively relates to the history of its context.

The house is placed in the midst of the exceptional atmosphere of Universitetsholmen, a campusarea at the harbourfront where it will be side by side modern and classic buildings alike – set in read bricks, glass, copper, and concrete. schmidt hammer lassen’s winning proposal is set with a facade of dark glazed tiles in shifting nuances and deep white window niches. The architectural expression is simplistic and easy to read as the building opens out towards its surroundings.

Meetingpoint Malmö will have a sustainable profile, as it is set to be an energy-aware building that takes sustainability further than the demands of legislation. It is expected that the finished project will be 25 percent below the new EU-standards. 20 architects were prequalified in the first step of the anonymous competition. Four were selected to participate in the second round – two Swedish practices; Metro Architects and Aix Architects alongside Danish Bjarne Ingels Group. However, schmidt hammer lassen was singled out and named the winner.

The jury’s assessment stated inter alia: "Meetingpoint Malmö captures the desire for a characteristic and complete iconic building, that matches the central setting in the city and that adds a functional persity which will enrich city life at Universuitetsholmen."
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