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School in Cabo Delgado

Architects and structural engeneering: Ziegert Roswag Seiler Architekten Ingenieure, D–Berlin

1:1000 Site plan
1:200 Floor plans
1:200 Sections
1:20 Vertical section standard school type
1:200 Schematic section

For this purpose, architects who are part of the initiative developed constructions with increased durability based on traditional building techniques. Also, local craftsmen have the opportunity to use the region’s natural materials to build them.
At first, they developed a pilot project with a footprint of 150 m2. Footings were improved by stabilising them with concrete and equipping them with a horizontal moisture barrier. Walls are comprised of hand-formed, sun-dried clay bricks that absorb moisture from the air and benefit the indoor climate. The material has a high thermal storage capacity and cools off at night. As result, indoor temperatures are as much as 10°C below the hot and humid exterior temperature, even during daytime. The load-bearing structure of the angled roof surfaces is comprised of bamboo rods that are connected with strings and dowels, placed on wood columns, and covered with palm leaves.
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