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Seismic Talks: Expert Forum on earthquake safety at new trade fair in Istanbul

During the new "Seismic Safety" trade fair, which will take place at the end of April 2014 in Istanbul, an international forum organised by DETAIL entitled "Seismic Talks" will also be held on the topic of "earthquake-resistant planning and construction". It is aimed at architects and urban planners worldwide. The following are some of the questions and solutions that will be discussed: Which techniques and strategies for earthquake-proof construction do Turkish architects use? What consequences can be drawn from past earthquake disasters, e.g. in Italy or New Zealand? Which synergies arise from international cooperation?

Date: 28. and 29.04.2014, Istanbul, Turkey
Location: Seismic Safety, WOW Convention Center, Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
On 28. and 29.04.2014 the international dialogue and knowledge exchange at trade fair "Seismic Safety" will be focused on the topic of "earthquake-resistant planning and construction". Together, architects and other experts will develop architectural and urban planning and social solutions for earthquake-prone cities and regions using their experiences from projects in earthquake-prone areas of Istanbul (Turkey), L'Aquila (Italy) and Christchurch (New Zealand).

On the first day of the fair, architects from Turkey will demonstrate using practical examples how urban planning and architecture should approach the topic of earthquake resistance. New construction and renovation projects will be presented and the redesign of entire districts will be discussed. Following the lectures, an open round-table discussion will take place with invited architects and other experts. The results of this discussion will be presented to the partners on the second day in form of brief podium statements, afterwards they will be discussed openly with the visitors of the fair.

Taking place alongside the "Seismic Safety" trade fair will be the "Intergeo Eurasia" trade fair. It will focus on the topics of surveying, geographic information, remote sensing and photogrammetry. The synergies between the two fairs with respect to earthquake resistance will be highlighted in lectures during joint sessions on 28. and 29.04.2014. Visitors can participate in these joint sessions free of charge. The "Seismic Talks" forum will be organised by the architectural journal DETAIL. Architectural historian and Istanbul expert Olaf Bartels will moderate the talks and joint discussion rounds.

Monday, 28.04.2014
Joint Session: Seismic Safety & Intergeo
Earthquake Resistance and Urban Planning Chair: Prof. Dr. Hakan Kutoglu
Co-Chair: Özdemir Sönmez
Congress Center Hall 1 11:00
Keynote speech: The synergies between the two trade fairs "Intergeo Eurasia" and "Seismic Safety"
Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç, geographer with a focus on settlement geography, Istanbul Sehir Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey 11:30
The Country Prone to Natural Hazards; Intelligent Geospatial Work for Intelligent Measures
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Col. Onur Lenk

Earthquake Risk Reduction Studies in Turkey
Prof. Dr. Haluk Eyidogan

Importance of Volunteerism and NGO's in Natural Conditions and Natural Disasters. As an Examplary Model; AKUT (Search & Rescue Association) Activities
Nasuh Mahruki

Seismic Talks - lectures
Chair: Olaf Bartels
Fairground Forum Area

Architectural and urban planning solutions for earthquake-resistant construction and renovation in Istanbul and Turkey
The earthquake-resistant design of new buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings in Turkey using the example of the Sapphire Tower, Istanbul, and the planning for the renovation of the Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul
Murat Tabanlioglu, architect, Tabanlioglu Architects, Istanbul, Turkey

Resident-oriented urban renewal in the district of Kadiköy, Istanbul
Ömer Kanipak, architect, Tasarim AItolyesi Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey

Reinforcement methods against earthquake in historical buildings
Ali Bayraktar, Civil Engineer, SGM Sismik Güçlendirme Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey

Renovation, Reanimation, Preservation – 2 sample projects
Can Çinici, architect, Çinici Mimarlik, Istanbul, Turkey

Round-table discussion with invited experts: Knowledge sharing
Tuesday, 29.04.2014
Seismic Talks – Dialogue
Chair: Olaf Bartels
Fairground Forum Area

Presentation of the results of the round-table discussion of the previous day on the challenges and solutions for earthquake-prone areas with respect to architecture, urban planning and society.

The discussion partners will explain their views and illustrate different perspectives and approaches to architecture and urban planning in earthquake zones.

Prof. Dr. Asu Aksoy
, urban sociologist, Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey
Asu Aksoy heads the Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY)
at Istanbul Bilgi University. KPY focuses on research in in the areas of cultural policy and management of cultural sites and in urban cultural politics. Dr.Aksoy was the Istanbul test site curator of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam titled ‘Making City’.

Emre Arolat
, architect, Emre Arolat Architects (EAA), Istanbul, Turkey
Architect Emre Arolat and his office Emre Arolat Architects in Istanbul are known for high-profile architecture in Turkey and abroad. Numerous awards testify to the quality of the office's work.

Steffen Braun
, Urban Systems Engineering, Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, Germany
Steffen Braun heads the "Urban Systems Engineering" department of the German Fraunhofer IAO Research Institute. Within the "City of Tomorrow" research initiative he focuses on the future challenges for cities.

Prof. Dr. Murat Güvenç
, geographer focusing on settlement geography, Istanbul Sehir Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey
Murat Güvenç is a member of the Faculty of Sociology and Director of the Urban Studies Research Centre (USRC) at Istanbul Sehir University. He was the curator of the exhibition "Istanbul 1910-2010".

Prof. Uwe Rieger
, Architect, The University of Auckland, School of Architecture and Planing, Auckland, New Zealand
Uwe Rieger leads a research seminar on the design and architectural issues relating to the reconstruction of Christchurch at the University of Auckland, where architects and civil engineers from the University of Auckland and the Quake Centre at the University of Canterbury are working on the development of earthquake-resistant structures.

David Sim
, architect, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark
Scottish architect David Sim is a partner of Gehl Architects. His focus is on urban planning. He was responsible for drawing up the reconstruction plan for the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, which was devastated by an earthquake.

Dr.-Ing Sebastian Storz
, building historian, Forum Baukultur e.V., Dresden, Germany + MusAA, L'Aquila, Italy
Sebastian Storz is managing director of the "Forum für Baukultur e. V." in Dresden (Germany). In 2009, after the earthquake in L'Aquila (Italy), he founded the centre for architecture MusAA. The aim of the centre is to raise awareness among the population of the architectural traditions in the region's cultural landscape.

Open discussion with the visitors to Seismic Safety.
Joint Session: Seismic Safety & Intergeo Eurasia
Earthquake Resistance and Urban Planning

Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Caner Güney
Co-Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Özgür Dogru
Congress Center Hall 1

GeoPortal- Turkish National Geographic Data Portal, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation
Hakan Güngör, Eda Soylu Sengör

Planning, Real Estate Valuation and Distribution Modelling in the Context of Urban Regeneration Processes
Prof. Dr. Erol Köktürk

Recovery and rebuild of Christchurch, New Zealand
David Sim, architect, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Urbanisation and Open Standards - OGC standards addressing societal, economic and environmental challenges
Athina Trakas (OGC)

Results of the "Seismic Talks" international dialogue
Olaf Bartels, architectural historian/architectural critic, Berlin & Hamburg, Germany

Closing of Intergeo Eurasia Congress
Prof. Dr. Rahmi Nurhan Çelik

Seismic Talks Forum and joint sessions are open and free of charge for all visitors.
The language of the programme is English-Turkish with simultaneous translation.

Exhibition "Learning from Istanbul – The Use and Appropriation of Urban Space"

The exhibition "Learning from Istanbul - The Use and Appropriation of Urban Space", which will be held during "Seismic Talks" and is organised by Studio HBohle (Berlin, Germany), will show places that make up the identity of Istanbul.
Improvised and mobile: Each day, thousands of street vendors, shoe shiners and knife sharpeners swarm through the streets of Istanbul and disappear again. Urban niches are filled and threshold spaces occupied. The provisional structures set up on Istanbul's streets allow the goods and services required by its inhabitants to be supplied, and new livelihoods to be established. Performative practices significantly shape the face of the city. The exhibition "Learning from Istanbul - The Use and Appropriation of Urban Space" shows extracts from a comprehensive compendium that illustrates these exceptional structures in detail. Could they be a response to the social and aesthetic erosion of central European urban spaces? Could they point to possible solutions for making urban spaces more earthquake-resistant? The "Filler" and "Slider" categories of the exhibition answer these and other questions.
"Seismic Talks" has been conceived and organised by the architectural journal DETAIL.
Concept: Meike Weber (Publishing Director) and Kathrin Wiblishauser (Cultural Manager)
Project Manager: Kathrin Wiblishauser (Cultural Manager)
Moderator: Olaf Bartels (architectural historian/architectural critic)

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