SHL wins architecture competition in Denmark

Schmidt hammer lassen architects won the competition to redesign the old commercial and transportation port of the town of Holbaek. In many former industrial port areas around the world architectural work is currently in high demand.

Not only in Hamburg, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam but also in many parts of Denmark, old, industrial ports are being redeveloped.
Since 2003 Holbaek’s port has been part of a restructuring project which will establish new commercial and residential buildings as well as leisure facilities on an area of 50,000 square metres. The architects won the competition to design a new building complex for the Danish gymnastics- and sports-federation DGI. The building will include a multifunctional sports hall, as well as a water culture centre, smaller activity rooms for local sports clubs, a health and fitness centre and a sports kindergarten. To complete the range of leisure facilities, a new cinema, hotels, cafés and restaurants will also be developed.
The winning proposal of SHL features a sculptural roof with adjoining gables stretching out towards the water, combining all facilities under one roof. “With our proposal, we wanted to create a concentrated urban atmosphere.“ the architects state. „The buildings are tightly arranged in blocks with narrow alleyways between them. The blocks are clustered around the harbour square – a shared civic space with small shops and offices, cafés and restaurants located around the old shipyard. This is a reinterpretation of an old town with narrow alleyways, which opens up to create a meeting point – a place for passing time.”
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