Sliding House in Suffolk

The project “Sliding House” by dRMM architects features an extraordinary design. A larch-enclosure was created that can be moved along in-ground rails. Thus, interior spaces become exterior spaces. DETAIL provides a film in which the various spatial situations and moods of light are shown.

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Language: English; Runtime: 4 min.

The architects are fond of combining unusual materials in well-tried forms of construction or vice versa. In the design of the present house, a major role was played by the client, for whom a fixed, pitched-roof structure, as reFettquired by the local authority, was too humdrum. Instead, a 16-metre, 20-tonne larch enclosure was created that can be moved along rails to connect three simple buildings. It is operated by four electric motors powered by car batteries, which are charged by photovoltaic cells on the roof. The entire mechanism is concealed in the walls of this highly insulated section of the house. The movement takes six minutes in all, but the structure can be stopped in any intermediate position. In this way, internal spaces can be transformed into outdoor realms, resulting in various lighting moods and views. The outer skin has an insulating function in winter and provides shade in summer.

Architects: dRMM, London

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