So what goes on the roof? – three start-ups present their ideas

Provided that the statics are correct, it is possible to extend or even add storeys on roofs. From an environmental-planning viewpoint, roof extensions are the best way of securing densification, because they do not use up any additional open spaces. But roofs that cannot be extended can also be used in other ways – as green spaces that improve the local microclimate, as open spaces with terraces and allotments, as agricultural land, or for the generation of solar power. Numerous examples document the new possibilities for using roofs. Three examples of unusual approaches will be outlined at the architecture forum 'The future of roofs' organised by Detail on 21 February at Dach + Holz in Cologne, where three start-ups will present their ideas and business models for the use of roofs. The first is Tobias Sebastian Müller from Munich-based obenplus, whose online platform mediates between architects, builders, tradesmen and authorities in order to create more liveable, interesting, attractive, social and thus also more resilient cities for the digital age through roof expansion. Björn Hiss from MQ Real Estate in Berlin will focus on the modular extension and revitalisation of unused city hot-spots. His project-development company has set itself the goal of revitalising unused city hot-spots through sustainable, modular storey addition. It develops engineering and construction logistics solutions for the use of serial, modular timber system construction methods in the hotel and housing industry. In addition, MQ provides special contractual solutions for building on existing objects for rent, leasehold or partial ownership and for running these spaces in the long term. Marco Zerjav from Munich-based Gardensharing has developed a platform for recording the ecological and economic potential of roof surfaces, and then presenting this information in a user-friendly manner while making it digitally accessible to various interested parties.
Finally, Rudi Scheuermann from the Frankfurt-based office ARUP will present green building envelopes. Following the talks, Detail and the trade fair will invite all the participants to attend a networking party at Stand 327 in Hall 6. To the event (german version)

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