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Social Housing in Badajoz

Architect: Gálvez & Algeciras architecture studio, E–Sevilla
Structural engineering: José Domingo Lago Martín, E–Sevilla
1:2500 Site plan
1:250 Floor plan
1:250 Sections
1:20 Vertical section
1:20 Horizontal section
Within the barren landscape of the Extremadura, tobacco and vegetables are stored for drying in “secanderos” – simple, traditional, utilitarian buildings with brick facades that feature numerous small openings for improved ventilation. These buildings, erected with very simple means, served as experimental model for the architects in designing two social housing buildings. The structure is comprised of a steel skeleton combined with reinforced concrete ceiling slabs and a masonry brick cavity wall as facade. Along the southern facade, hollow brick sailor courses filter daylight that enters the interior facade in winter. The perforated brick facade extends to the roofline and gives the building an archaic appearance.
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