Solar protection

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Daylight systems provide solar protection and, at the same time, guarantee a high amount and quality of light in the interior. They have anisotropic transmission properties with areas that either block or allow light to pass through. Direct sunlight, causing unwanted room warming, is reflected and the reduction in light intensity reduces glare. However, low-energy diffuse light is directed to the back of the building and guarantees a uniform level of illumination. The Siteco systems can be pided into two product families according to their materials. Micro sun-protection screens are a reflecting system that takes advantage of the properties of curved surfaces. The specially shaped horizontal and vertical elements of the sheets, mirrored with pure aluminium, form the blocking and transmission areas. The screens are inserted between sheets of insulating glass to protect against the weather and pollution, and make them maintenance-free. Optically, the screens have a fine net-like structure of openings that provides an almost unrestricted view of the sky. In the Combisol system, a second level provides optimal glare protection. In contrast, a variable prism system uses the geometric-optical phenomena of transmission, refraction and reflection of the prismatic surface of a sheet of glass: light that meets the glass perpendicularly is completely reflected but oblique, diffuse daylight is allowed through. This type of transparent sun protection can be used for glass roofs and facades. However, the prism surfaces must be adjusted to the position of the sun. They are therefore formed of rotatable glass elements and precisely oriented by a microcomputer.
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