Solvis Max Solar Boiler

Solvis GmbH & Co KG
Grotrian-Steinweg-Straße 12
D-38112 Braunschweig
Tel.: +49 531 28904-0
Fax: +49 531 28904-100
E-Mail: info@solvis-solar.de
The burner can be easily changed from oil to gas, and the use of a geothermal heat pump is also possible. The integration of the burner or the thermal pump in the storage-tank is a special feature that reduces heat loss to a minimum. However, the most important aspect is the use of solar energy making the burner superfluous at times. The sun-warmed water in the collector is conducted to the patented three-strata tank and layered into the appropriate temperature zones by way of vertical pipes with opening valves. This means that the entire capacity of the tank does not have to be heated to the same temperature. The hot water in the upper section of the tank heats fresh water over a heat exchanger to provide hot water of great purity.
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