Souto de Moura receives the Pritzker Prize 2011

The 58-year-old Portuguese Eduardo Souto de Moura has received, along with its US$ 100,000 endowment, the world’s highest honour for architecture. In its explanatory statement the jury said the following: “His architecture is not obvious, frivolous or picturesque. It is imbued with intelligence and seriousness. [...] His work requires an intense encounter not a quick glance. And like poetry, it is able to communicate emotionally to those who take the time to listen.”
Burgo Tower in Porto, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
Conversion of the Santa Maria do Bouro Convent into a State Inn, Amares, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
Cinema House for Manoel de Oliveira Oporto, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
Braga stadium, Braga, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
House in “Bom Jesus”, Braga, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
Casa das Artes, S.E.C. Cultural Centre, Porto, Portugal
All photos: Luis Ferreira Alves
Souto de Moura often uses cement, stones, copper and wood in his work. Most of his around 60 projects are located in his native Portugal – he has created, among other things, single-family houses, cinemas and hotels. But he has also planned objects in Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. One of his most famous projects is the football stadium Estádio Minicipal, which was inaugurated in 2004. It has been built into a cliff that overlooks the Portuguese city of Braga and the Pritzker Jury honours the construction as “[...] muscular, monumental and very much at home within its powerful landscape.” The prize will be awarded to Souto de Moura in a ceremony in Washington on 2 July 2011. As a young architect he studied under Alvaro Siza, who also received the Pritzker prize in 1992. Both work in Porto. Together, they drafted the Hannover World Expo 2000 Portuguese pavilion. Skip forward to see fotos of some of his most interseting projects.
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