16.08.2009 Peter Popp

Stewart Middle School in Washington D.C.

Generation G refers to a generation which is concerned about the environment. This is a matter of course for the pupils at Stewart Middle School in Washington D.C – a sustainably designed building. Here, ecological awareness is not only taught but also practiced at the school.

Language: English; Runtime: 5 min.

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With the conversion and extension of the Stewart Middle School on the campus of the Sidwell Friends School, pupils and teachers alike now benefit not only from modern educational spaces, but from a building based on a sustainable concept – a building that is also used to teach environmental awareness. The original structure, dating from 1950, was designed for 230 pupils, but over the years the numbers swelled to more than 340. A further storey was added in 1971, but otherwise the structure remained virtually unchanged. The present extension provides modern spaces for art and music, the natural sciences and information technology, as well as consultation rooms and a library.

A prefabricated wood facade unites the old and new sections of the building. The recycled western red cedar elements applied to the new tract match those to the refurbished upper storeys of the existing structure. The new tract is ventilated by means of solar chimneys that draw in fresh air via the north face. In this way it was poFettssible to reduce the use of mechanical cooling to a minimum. Intelligent systems also ensure that cooling and heating installations are turned off when windows are opened. The energy supply for the middle school is provided by a new combined heat-and-power plant that serves the entire campus. Photovoltaic elements on the roof also contribute a small amount of energy and serve as teaching objects for pupils.

Architects: Kieran Timberlake, Philadelphia

Directed by: Karena Albers
Produced by: kontentreal, www.kontentreal.com

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