21.04.2013 Emilia Margaretha

Stimulating Environment: Kindergarten in Oslo

The kindergarten is located in an area of Oslo called Fagerborg  and can accommodate four groups of children. The group spaces can either be used separately or in combination. Reiulf Ramstad Architects were involved right from the beginning of the project and supported the process from conception to completion of the building. A stimulating environment conducive to the development of children aged from one to six has been created.

Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Oslo
Location: Fagerborg, Oslo
"In nature, top seeds need the best soil for the best growth conditions to flourish. This is the same for humans. Children are the citizens of “tomorrow” and the resources of the future and it is important that this group have stimulating and developing physical limits in their everyday sphere. Therefore, the objective of the program – agreed upon by both the client and the architect – was to create a nursery that would have a rich architectural register and become a house of character to encourage the development of character – a meaningful architectural framework for children’s important first phase of the formation and development of the child's experience outside the family." (Reiulf Ramstad Architects)
The kindergarten is situated in an area characterised by residential buildings from 1900-1950. This meant that many cultural heritage guidelines had to be considered in the design developed by the architects. In response to the contemporary style demanded by the local authorities, the building is completely covered by wooden cladding with a vertical grain direction. The generous use of natural wood gives Fagerborg Kindergarten an organic aesthetic. Square windows speckle the façade, which is undercut on one side of the building and cantilevers out to shelter the entrance area below.
The design offers space for four kindergarten groups, which form a striking, solid structure and can function both independently and together as required. All the groups share a common area and a kitchen in the heart of the building. The administrative spaces are accommodated upstairs, separate from the children area. Light-flooded and colourful interiors aim to provide an environment that fosters the enquiring minds of children and wakens their curiosity.
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