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Structure 1/2015

The common ground shared by architects and structural engineers is the overarching theme of DETAIL structure, a new professional magazine that will be published twice a year parallel to DETAIL. Even if both disciplines, due to different education and modes of thought, often have very different approaches, they do have a mutual goal: the best possible results on the construction site. In order to achieve this, understanding and trust needs to exist between them as well as intensive and professional cooperation. DETAIL structure shows how such collaborations lead to the creation of exceptional architecture. Planning and construction processes are illuminated in detail. Both sides provide their insight. The in-depth project documentations include the major construction details and, most of all, the structurally relevant elements. This edition includes a modern single family home in Ticino based on a prestressed bridge construction, an expressively designed concert hall in Lower Bavaria’s Blaibach, the filigree space frame covering an archery range in Japan and a new roof structure for the Messe Frankfurt – asymmetrical, yet efficient in terms of material usage. And, the most important design principles for pedestrian bridges are discussed thoroughly: there hardly exists any other building type that displays such a tight connection between design, structure and detail. (Christian Schittich)

Photo: Edward Beierle, D–Munich


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