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Student and Social Housing in Zwolle


Architects: Atelier Kempe Thill architects and planners, NL–Rotterdam
Structural engineering: Alferink - van Schieveen, NL–Zwolle
1:2000 Site plan
1:500 Floor plans
1:500 Sections
1:10 Vertical sections
1:10 Horizontal section
The architects created a prototypical building that offers luxurious spacial graciousness, despite the tight budget. The nodal building structure enabled a high degree of compactness with a relatively small facade area. Costs saved were used for high-quality materials: Instead of the typical local masonry brick, full ceiling-height panes of thermal insulation glazing that feature sliding elements provide a “loft-like” spatial impression. Eight apartments per story are grouped around a 26 m tall atrium. Larger social housing units are situated along the attractive building corners. Smaller student apartments are oriented along the eastern and western facades. The intimate atrium serves residents as a meeting point.
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