Sustainable 3D Print Service

Foto: Aectual

Aectual, an Amsterdam-based company, offers a material-­saving, sustainable and innovative 3D printing service for architects, engineers and designers worldwide. According to the company, most of the printed construction products consist of reusable plant-based plastics that can be taken back and recycled after use. The platform uses, among other things, an XL 3D printing system with an industrial high-performance extruder and four robots covering a total print area of 46 m2. Architects and ­designers can upload their own parametric product data or customize the templates offered on the company’s website – from terrazzo floors, through furniture and room dividers, to stairs and facades.

Aectual emerged from an architectural firm 15 years ago and cooperates with companies such as Henkel, ABB and Arup. Aecutal’s reference list ­includes, among others, BMW Welt Munich, Nike Town London and Schiphol Airport.

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Photo: Aectual

Photo: Aectual

Photo: Aectual

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