Taking a Second Look: Diocesan Museum in Eichstätt

During the last 50 years, DETAIL has presented numerous constructions that all have their own story to tell. Some of them still look like they did on the first day, even decades later, while others have transformed beyond recognition. Staying on topic: in the »Rennovation« issue we’ll take a closer look at the Diocesan Museum from Karljosef Schattner in Eichstatt, Germany. Karljosef Schattner transformed the Kipfenberger loft into a house of art between 1977 and 1982. He pulled down concrete ceilings and saved the timber roof structure; he gave the house a new energy. The architect created a treasure chamber, which, after 30 years, has become somewhat static. Even if the aesthetics look surprisingly fresh, a general renovation is needed – since 1982 the purpose, technology and expectations of an art museum have changed drastically.
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