The NYC Information Center

Recessed light coves running the length of the space infuse the centre with soft, white illumination, while the glow emitted by the various media displays brightens the interior without the use of direct lighting.
Four wall-mounted vertical touch-screen monitors are available for simpler searches.
Once an itinerary is developed, the visitor can view it in three different formats. A large video wall shows a dynamic three-dimensional map of the route. Visitors can also obtain their travel plans in hard copy or send them directly to their personal electronic devices.
“i”-shaped glowing digital mirrors that hover above the smart tables draw visitors into the space. They throw a colour-based projection on to a fabric screen made of Barrisol that responds to the user’s choices.
In the new official NYC Information Center in Midtown Manhattan (by WXY architecture + urban design, in collaboration with media design firm Local Projects) visitors can place digitized “pucks” on interactive map tables to create custom guidebooks and itineraries.
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