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Thonet furniture defines spaces. It is timeless, durable and part of our daily lives. Thonet furniture puts values into practice, creating a physical piece of culture. Thonet tables and chairs make people feel comfortable – at work, in restaurants, in hotels and at home. Simply put, Thonet furniture is well designed. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are consummate. It leaves room for people's individuality. It exudes warmth and friendliness without overpowering. Manufactured to technical perfection, functional, and with the highest level of craftsmanship, Thonet products provide precisely what modern workers need and want: a sense of security, clarity, serenity, confidence.

The history of modern design began with Thonet. This heritage is both an inspiration and an incentive for the company. In the perpetual process of reinvention, the Thonet collection is permanently expanded by new designs by renowned national and international designers, in addition to the bentwood and tubular steel classics in different variations and editions.


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