Trend Looks: Natural, Minimal, Cultural and LuxVersal

Keraben’s Harlem series offers concrete-look tiles in beige and the formats 40x140 and 90x90. © Keraben Group

Valencia’s Cevisama is the international specialist trade fair for the ceramics industry; it celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. At the end, the organizers posted solid results.

The Weston Bano Alta tile by Undefasa reinterprets the natural material known as Portland stone. © Undefasa
Die schlanke, längliche Wandfliese Hopp von Equipe mit ihrem abgerundetem Reliefdekor ist in zehn Farben mit mattem Finish erhältlich.
© Equipe

Planners in focus

The number of specialist visitors, including many architects and interior designers, surpassed 70,000 in 2024. In particular, there were four per cent more international visitors, most from France, the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Germany.

Natural looks and large formats for walls and floors, such as Roca’s Balance collection in the sizes 60x120 and 30x60, with thicknesses up to 9 mm for high-traffic areas. © Roca

Trends 2024

What are the trends for 2024? According to one study commissioned by the Spanish tile association Tile of Spain–Ascer and carried out by market researchers from the ITCAICE Home Trends Observatory, this year is focusing above all on four looks: Natural, Minimal, Cultural and LuxVersal. These formats are like fashion trends: anything is possible, including the beauty of imperfection. 

Aparici’s Steel tile collection is reminiscent of aged, rolled steel. It combines an industrial aesthetic with contemporary elegance. © Aparici
Aparici’s Steel tile collection is reminiscent of aged, rolled steel. It combines an industrial aesthetic with contemporary elegance. © Aparici

Companies such as Aparici, Apavisa, Cevica, Decocer, Equipe, Halcon, Keraben, Roca and Undefasa – to name but a few of the firms represented at the fair – have products and showrooms in Germany that appeal directly to architects and interior designers in the German-speaking realm. 

The Reggia collection from Apavisa favours tones such as gold, beige, green and white plus vintage textures that capture the first signs of wear and elements of deterioration. © Apavisa

Formats, reliefs, glazes

The Valencia fair displayed surfaces, reliefs, glazes, new colours and new formats, some of which were quite astounding, as well as amazing sensory and artistic effects. Moreover, topics such as decarbonization and recyclability of materials took centre stage. 

Decocer have gone with small formats in unique designs and are offering a broad palette of geometric shapes, glazes and ornamentation. © Decocer


Finally, the Spanish market and its main players are examining rising energy prices and production costs. They are also discussing the call for shorter working hours with no reduction in pay. The potential regional and global effects will not be seen until Cevisama 2025, which will take place from 24 until 28 February.

Manufacturer: Aparici, Apavisa, Cevica, Decocer, Equipe, Halcon, Keraben, Roca oder Undefasa

Product category: Interior fittings

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