University Town library in Shenzhen wins Award

The University Town library in Shenzhen, China won an “Award of Merit” from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Building was completed in December 2006 and opened to the public early 2007 and provides a new perspective on sharing resources while acting as a gateway icon.

The Library designed by RMJM serves four university campuses spread on either side of a canal. The building itself acts as a bridge linking these previously disconnected facilities. Students, staff and the wider community are free to pass through and over the building to make this connection. Its 480m long undulating form mirrors the topography of the landscape while its dragon-like shape, contemporary materials and function aim to refl ect the erudite language of education. Glazed façades encourage views out to the surroundings, while providing layers of sun-shading to reduce heat gain on library spaces within. The Library was designed to hold 1.5 million books, 3000 seats, 1700 data ports and 8000 visitors daily and sits on a 51,600m2 site area in the suburb of Shenzhen.
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