Vacation home Hunsett Mill in Norfolk

The county of Norfolk is situated north-east of London; its county town Norwich can be reached from there in less than two hours. The Norfolk Broads national park borders the sea, comprises numerous wildlife-rich rivers, lakes, and wetlands, and has become a popular holiday destination in the past decades. It is also home to »Hunsett Mill«, which dates back to the 17th century. In 2004 new owners purchased the mill and cottage buildings and required additional living space. The architects reverted the old mill keeper’s cottage to its original proportions and complemented it with a single extension. The resulting addition is interpreted as a »shadow« of the historic building. Indeed, the building, with its multiple-fold shape and four gables resembles an abstract projection of the original structure. This is achieved by homogeneously enveloping the extension in charred cedar board cladding. The white stained surfaces of the timber cross-laminated panel construction system are left exposed to the interior and contrast strongly with the facade. Mirrored walls, internal glazing, and views towards the outside via small voids through two-story windows make the actually rather small spaces appear much more generous. Windows are cleverly placed regardless of ceiling or balustrade heights to where they capture the most beautiful views, and draw this centuries-old mill keeper’s cottage into the present.
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