20.05.2020 Sophie Streibl

Venice Architecture Biennale: Opening in 2020, Postponed to 2021

Architekturbiennale Venedig 2021

How will we live together?
The question at the heart of the 17th Venice International Biennial could not be more fitting at the moment.

Now, however, the organizers are announcing the final postponement of the exhibition.
The last few days have shown the true state of the situation we are all facing, explains President Roberto Cicutto. The decision to postpone the Biennale Architettura to May 2021 is an  admission that it is impossible to make progress in realizing such a complex and global exhibition within the set deadlines.

Now the Architecture Biennale is to be allowed a longer life from May to November 2021. Consequently, the 59th International Art Exhibition, curated by Cecilia Alemani, which was to take place in 2021, has in turn been postponed to 2022. It will last 7 months and will take place from Saturday April 23rd to Sunday November 27th.
However, architecture will have its place in Venice this autumn: several events are planned, at which the question “How will we live together” will be the focus – a theme more current than ever.

Padiglione Centrale Giardini Photo: Francesco Galli

Gaggiandre Photo: Andreas Avezzu

Gaggiandre Photo: Andreas Avezzu

Ausblick über Arsenale Photo: Andreas Avezzu

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