Venice Biennale 2008 - Arsenale Installations

Pros and cons: an unbiased walk through the Arsenale

»...we show architecture, after having clarified that architecture does not mean raising a building, but giving life to the space around us, the space immediately around us and that of our social life. As architecture works in the meeting between vision and reality, and it is imagination applied to the organisation of the places we live in, it follows that the work of the architect is primarily experimenting and imagining.” Aaron Betsky in: Out there, Architecture beyond Building, Volume 1, Exhibition Catalogue, Marsilio Editori, 2008 Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia »The Venice Biennale is an exhibition, which is completely devoid of a focal theme. In Betsky’s Arsenale everyone, who is eligible to contribute, is exhibiting nothing but himself, without a concept. Once again a chance has been missed owing to a vacuous motto. Therefore we could almost wish that in two years time the Arsenale will remain empty due to the lack of ideas.« Sebastian Redecke in: Bauwelt 37/2008 on the »11th Venice Biennale«­

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