Venice Biennale 2008 - Siegrun Appelt: 64 KW

Wastefulness is permitted: An exemplary light installation in the entrance area of the German Pavilion.

Siegrun Appelt’s light installation 64 kW serves as a visual exclamation point for a more conscious handling of energy resources. The installation, located in the entrance to the German Pavilion in Venice, shines with four times the intensity of the sun on a cloudless day. The shining light and the heat it generates make traversing the installation a truly physical experience; exhibition visitors can liv­e the connection between energy use and waste. The work calls on visitors to save energy and then symbolically donate that energy to the 64 kW Negawatt Power Pla­nt. The first energy donator is the city of Berlin. Once the Biennale begins, t­he illumination at the Brandenburg Gate will be turned on and off over the course of several days according to a choreography designed by Appelt herself. This light-update of Berlin’s most prominent emblem will serve as a prime example of the fact that saving energy needn’t only mean abnegation, but also the creation of a surplus.

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