Water-repellent Birch Veneer

Foto: Paul Glaser

Betula Veneer from Nevi is an elastic birch veneer for floors and walls with a velvety feel that does not require sealing varnishes or chemical surface treatments. ­According to the manufacturer, it is water- and dirt-repellent, extremely slip-resistant, fungus- and bacteria-inhibiting. Absorbed water is quickly released again, which prevents swelling or rotting. These properties are ideal for use in wet rooms and barefoot areas such as bathrooms, saunas and spas, but also for work surfaces, furniture and control surfaces with touch functions. Having just developed birch bark as a surface material to ­series production readiness, the Görlitz-based start-up is now working with the Fraunhofer ­Institute on a sustainable two-­component adhesive system.

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https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/7/3/735-nevi.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image https://detail-cdn.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/media/catalog/product/1/5/1500-nevi.jpg?width=437&height=582&store=de_en&image-type=image
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