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We have prepared a few questions for you. Answering them will take just a few minutes of your time: • How satisfied are you with the user-friendliness of our website?
• In your opinion, what changes would improve DETAIL-online.com?
• What do you consider to be future challenges for you as an architect or engineer, and how could DETAIL-online.com help you with your everyday work? Your answers to these questions are of great interest to us, for they will allow us to develop. Would you like to take part? Participate now… As a special thank-you, we will have a draw for three copies of our restaurant and travel guide Asian Flavours – Creating Architecture for Culinary Culture, each of which is worth € 39.00.  »Asian Flavours – Creating Architecture for Culinary Culture«
This publication depicts projects - from teahouses to sake bars to restaurants - by both Asian and European architects from both continents. How has this topic been adapted and interpreted by architects at »our« latitude? How can they approach the factors and cultures of these places without simply playing with »Asian décor« ? Complemented with information about individual dishes and essays on the various Asian cuisines and dining cultures, this book is a travel guide to special Asian places in Europe and Asia alike. More information about the book is available here. The conditions for participation in the draw are available here. Data protection:
It is possible to take part in the survey without giving your name. Registration is not required for participation. Following the survey, we ask for more information about you so that we may account for social factors (e.g. age, employment status, type of employment) in our results and thus improve our assessment of the data. Providing this information is strictly voluntary; all data will be anonymized for evaluation. The data will not be provided to third parties. For more information about data protection, please see our Data Protection Declaration at www.detail-online.com/privacy-statement.
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