Woha architects’ Vision for Singapore in 2100

Zero-energy skyscrapers as vertical gardens. Lush, verdant landscapes where eight-lane freeways now run. Autonomous in terms of energy, food and water. Completely carbon-neutral. At the beginning of the coming century, will Singapore have become a green megacity, an example for the cities of the world?
Woha architects’ design for the tropical island state is no utopian illusion. In their animation, they demonstrate – based on strategies, innovations and future-oriented technologies that are already available – a way to redesign our cities.

WOHA was established in 1994 by Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell. The studio, whose headquarters are in Singapore, specializes in the development of integrated architectural and urban solutions for 21st-century problems such as climate change, population growth and rapidly increasing urbanization.

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KONTAKTFORMULAR / DATEN - NUR ADVERTORIAL - Wird noch hinzugefügt @ Daniel

Architecture: Woha architects

Video: Woha architects
Photo: Woha architects


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