Working with History

Harmonious extension: Municipal Gallery in the Lenbachhaus Museum expands

In the spring of 2008, the city council of the Bavarian capital, Munich, opted for realisation of expansion, restoration and renovation of the Lenbachhaus in Munich according to plans by Foster + Partners and allocated a budget of ?56.2 million for this project. Originally a private house, then transformed into a museum for tens of thousands of visitors a year, the average number of visitors per year has surpassed 200,000, with occasional record numbers of 400,000. That such numbers are simply too much for the flight of stairs through the historical garden is fairly obvious. Building work is to commence in spring 2009. Appropriately, an exhibition in the Lenbachhaus shows the design proposed for the Municipal Gallery (‘Städtische Galerie’) as well as other projects concerned with the interaction of history and culture.

­Architects: Foster + Partners

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