Natural Lime by Haga for a Holiday Village

Photo: Haga

Here, 41 thatched houses nestle in the dunes of the beach, all built in brick and wood. Natural-lime paints and plasters from Haga were applied to the interior surfaces. 

These are manufactured in Switzerland in the old craft tradition with a long soaking period and consistently organic quality. Their purity has been tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). In addition, natural lime prevents the formation of mould, because its particularly high alkaline pH value extracts spores from any nutrient medium. The fine-pored capillary system acts as additional protection: It can absorb moisture from the brickwork and subsequently release it into the air in a controlled manner. In addition to its positive properties for the indoor climate, natural lime offers a wide range of design options, in particular through different application techniques.


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