The new DETAIL inspiration database

Photo: Frank Kaltenbach

The DETAIL online database features a completely new look. DETAIL inspiration has been revised and optimised. Alongside the new layout, a clear navigation, generous photos of the architectural projects and improved search functions offer excellent user-friendliness. Whether on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, the DETAIL inspiration database is now available with a responsive design that automatically adjusts itself to fit each device. This enables users to quickly and easily access the database while on the go.

The project descriptions from more than 30 years of DETAIL are stored in the image and reference database. DETAIL inspiration currently includes over 3,000 documentations of national and international projects, with their detailed design drawings. The database is updated with new projects after every new print edition of DETAIL. All projects are available for download. Whether you’re interested in supporting structures or a certain type of building in a specific country, with DETAIL inspiration you can find relevant project examples as well as an array of technical information about architecture, building details and construction.

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