structure 2/2016

Structure 2/2016

This edition of DETAILstructure describes ­international projects to which structural ­engineers have made significant contributions. For the access bridge to a new island in ­Nijmegen, Ney-Poulissen engineers designed a highly sculptural, integral, prestressed ­post-tensioned reinforced concrete bridge. With the extension to the European Southern Observatory in Garching, the engineers at Mayr Ludescher Partner ensured the light, floating effect of the cantilevering building was achieved by providing an efficient loadbearing structure. In the elegant, bright, naturally lit interior of the Factory Hall in Landsberg am Lech by ­Ackermann Architekten and Christoph Ackermann Ingenieure, a clearly defined, carefully detailed structure fabricated from standard rolled sections adds to the high quality of the architecture and the working environment.

The background article about ArtEngineering shows that the engineer’s skills are also appreciated in this special field of work. This group of structural engineers operates at the interface of construction and art, often undertaking the complete realisation of art objects. In the interview, Herwig Bretis explains their close involvement from the initial concept and how they strive to implement the essence of the design.
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