Membrane Roofing by formTL

Photo: Hanno Keppel

The building was planned by architect Hartmut Rüdiger, while the membrane was developed by formTL from Radolfzell. Like glass, the EFTE foil is not only UV-permeable and translucent, it also guarantees the necessary fire protection due to its lighter substructure. Due to the pure tensile stress, the roof could be realised with a very light substructure, with only steel cables, arranged in a diamond pattern, attached to the peripheral tube, spanning the cushion. In this way, the supporting structure appears almost invisible and gives the roofing the necessary lightness on the one hand, and a high degree of elegance on the other. The three-layered ETFE roof tilts towards its triangular tip, and has been elevated and braced on the solid construction. Due to the inclination, additional facade surfaces have been created between the roof and the edge of the building, which were also realised with ETFE foil and integrated smoke and heat ventilation flaps.  www.form-tl.de
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