Modular system with push-in connections by Metsä Wood


The Finn­joist wooden joists from Metsä Wood proved to be particularly suitable for the SI-Modular frame system. Inspired by steel construction, the wooden joists are constructed according to the principle of a double-T steel girder. Their flanges, which are made of high-strength and dimensionally-stable Kerto-S laminated veneer wood, can permanently withstand very high compressive and tensile loads. The system is based on a fixed grid with distances of 1 m. Widths of up to 5 m and any lengths are possible. With plaster surfaces, for example, the clear span can be halved using an intermediate support. The wooden joists are placed on horizontal sleepers anchored in the base plate. The crosswise-running wooden components in the wall frames, the sleepers and the connections are all made of load-bearing and stiffening Kerto-Q as well as Kerto-S. The dimensionally-­stable properties of the used ­material, millimetre-accurate ­milling and the resulting precise push-in connections ensure a high degree of structural stability. The building type, which has ­already been developed further, complies with European standards, including with regard to EnEV. www.metsawood.com
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